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Jan. 23rd, 2009

Skirts and CSI

    I don't usually comment on lolita clothing, but Candy Violet's Paris Patisserie Skirt in black somehow hurts my eyes. Don't get me wrong I like the design and the shape, but the color plan for the black one...the lime green, hot pink and the black stripes...just... my eyes just don't like it. I like the blue, but the black...

    There got it off my chest.

    Last night, I saw the new CSI: Las Vegas . I debated with myself watching the new season. I was one of those fan that said 'no Grissom, no love', but I was bored last night and nothing was really on sooo....I don't know what to think about Dr. Langston. I don't like him, but then I do. The character just seems out of touch with the science. Laurence Fishburne is a good actor. I like him in the Matrix and 1995's version of Othello. He played the out of place professor very well. I don't know what to make of him, yet. I glad they are working Hodges more in to the story. He is my favorite character out of the whole CSI series.
    For some reason, I found myself writing Joker fanfic this past month or so. I don't know why I'm doing it. I don't even like reading almost all fanfics. Odd. All well. I will keep writing it. I will not give up!

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Jan. 1st, 2009

A New Year's Toast (Don thy Frills)

For what they say,
Either yay or nay,
Don thy frills.

Don thy frills as we dine,
And think of the time,
That has gone by.

For all the anger and pain,
Of all that was lost,
Of all that was gain,
Let not them bring you down.

For all those thrill and chills,
That makes you wear,
All those lovely frills.

 For all the laughter and joy,
Those ruffles and lace bring,
It’s worth the hefty weight.

'Tis a New Year,
For new loves and obsessions,
For new parties and studies,
For new friends and frocks.

 So to those of old,
To those of a new,
Don thy frills, ladies,
Don thy frill, gents,
For we are all merry,
Can someone pass the sherry?


Dec. 28th, 2008

Day 4 & 5 Happiness

   The thing that made me happy today~

Day 4                 ~  was that I slept the day away. So lazy. ~_~

     Day 5                ~ was that my Aunt came over for a late xmas brunch.

                               ~ watch a marathon of Rome. Yay blood, guts, and Simon Woods.


Dec. 25th, 2008

Day 3 Happiness

   The thing that made me happy today~
                                             ~eating Bushe de noel (chocolate log) with family and friends for x-mas dinner's desert.
                                              ~getting holiday money.

                                             ~ watching a House Marathon in the morning.


Dec. 24th, 2008

Day 2 Happiness

   The thing that made me happy today~
                                     ~ was that Mama Tish, one of the most skiddish cats I know, let her pet her and rub her tummy.


Dec. 23rd, 2008

Day 1 Happiness

The rules are that for 8 days
you have to post something
that made you happy that day.

Tag 8 people to do the same. gregeron91 , lordmoufmouf , imsohonest22, inu_ryu143 , roaringmouse  , mintymuffins  , uttate , manmadememories , and anyone who wants to do it.

The thing that made me happy today~
                   ~was sitting at home and watching Ice Age with family. That's it. It was a pretty boring day.             

Dec. 20th, 2008

Holiday miracles, curess, pet peeves and wishes

My holiday "Miracle"? :
    My camera that I thought was broken last summer magiccally repaired itself and started working again. Don't know what caused it to do that. <shurg>
My holiday "Cures":
     For the forth year in a row I have had a cold during the holiday week. Through Chanukah, through Christmas till the New Year I am sick as a dog. Last year I had pneumonia, the year before that I had a nasty head cold, the year before that a chest cold. This year I have a ears, sinuses, and throat hurt and only recently I have been able to talk normally.
My Holiday "Pet peeves" :
      I celebrate both Chaunkah and Chirstmas. When I was growing up the teachers in elementry school would talk and decorate the with different holiday in December. They would explain the different holidays like X-mas, Kwanzza (sp?), Winter solstice, Dongzhi Festival, Deepavali, etc. etc. Well when they came to Chanukah they just said it was a Jewish holiday. That's it. They didn't get into any of the details about the holiday like they did with the other holidays. Most of the time, I was explaining it to the teacher.
      Well, back to the present, I went to school a week ago. They had all the decorations up. They had a couple little x-mas trees, a kinara, and giving away tangyuns in the lunchroom. I looked all around the school for the usually single menorah. There was no menorah. So I have decide to donate a little Chaunkahbush (it's a x-mas tree dress in white and blue with dreidels and stars of David on it) to the school. I'm NOT trying to force feed my holiday on other people. I like playing "lets find the menorah in the x-mas movie". I just want a little thing to represent a holiday or two that I celebrate.
My hoilday "Wishes" :
   This is not going to be a wish list.   *coughthoughcoughIcoughwishcoughforacoughsilkycoughwrappingcoughribbon
.....What? I have a cold.....
Any-who ... This is going to sound cheesy, but tis the season....
To my family, my friends of old and anew, I wish you all a Happy Hoildays and a joyful New Years.

I know both Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra sing it to but I like Vaughn Monroe's version of the song better.

Dec. 1st, 2008

I'll miss you, Luminor

    I have not dropped off the side of the planet...yet. For the past couple of weeks, I have been busy and every time I try to write something, I have to do something elas or I am kicked off the computer. My Thanksgiving was good and bad. Julie came over and had dinner with us because her family dose not celebrate Thanksgiving. That was cool. The food was great. The only bad part was I found out one of my current obsessions, a german visual kei band named Cinema Baizarre, is losing one of their members. Luminor, Keyboard and 2nd vocal for Cinema Baizarre, is leaving for heath reasons. I'm going to miss Luminor in Toyz (they're next CD comming out in Spring 09) His deep voice made the Final Attraction Cd so good. I almost cried reading the announcement. I'm such a fangirl.
      A week or two ago, I went to a loli meet-up a the SF zoo. I had not been there since the remodeling. I wore the JSK that I just finished making a week before. The zoo set up a ice-skating rink and you could rent ice skates. I had not ice skate in about 5 years, so I mostly hang onto the wall. The zoo was wonderful, made me wish that my camera was not busted. La sign. Hopefully, I'll have my camera fix before the Dicken's Fair meet-up.
      This past weekend, I saw Twilight. It was a good movie. If you hadn't read the book, then you would love the movie. I have read the books. The movie dose give the movie justice. I only had two problems with the movie. The book was more graphic then the movie. Bella should have been beaten up worse and in the book, Edward's and Bella's  relationship was more touchy-feely. The other problem is I thought the director used to much blue filter.

Grr...I can't post the video I wanted to. So here is the link for the MV.   .www.youtube.com/watch

Nov. 15th, 2008

The Tower's Library

"The Tower's Library"

Once upon a time,
there was a little girl.
Dressed in lace and frills
Who read all the books in the world
She read books from the past
She read books from the future
She read them all in her tower
Hour after hour
One day, as she lay across her books
She thought to herself and said out loud
 "I have read all that there is to read,
I have read about Kings and Queens
about there victories and failures
about the people they ruled far and wide
I have read about murderers and there victims
about there gruesome death and shorts lives
about the why and the how
I have read the theories
And read how they where profane
Or disproved
I have read the cures of diseases
that have not yet taken place
and those that are running rapid in the streets
I have read books that were written in languages
Some that are dead
Some still in alive
and some that are not born yet.
I have read of the old and wise
Of the young and restless
Of tricksters and their beguiling smiles
Of villains and their wicked deeds
Of places that are fact and fiction
Of lies and truths
Of crazy families and good friend
Of lovers and their dark desire
But with all my reading
All my knowledge
I don't know anything about the world and all it's wonders
For I have never come down from my tower."
She thought and she thought
Hour after hour
Till finally, got up and dusted herself off
She climbed over her books
Found a parasols and a good pair of shoes
And descended down the stairs
Out into the open air

(I was bored and I have this stuck in my head all day. Feedback is most welcome)
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Nov. 12th, 2008

sewing projects November -January

The sewing projects I want to finish before the end of January, check list.

~Project: 001
     What : A  JSK with lace on the hem and ruffles in the front.
         Color:  Red/ white lace and ruffles
             Style: between sweet and classic
                Due date: November 21

                                                                     Done: Nov. 15,2008
~Project 002
       What: A holiday JSK
          Color: Blue/ white lace
            Style: classic
               Due date: December 8

~Project 003
        What; a long sleeve shirt and  pants
          Color: shirt - white/ pant - black
              Style: Kodona
                  Due Date; January 1

~Project 004
      What: Jacket, shorts and legging
         Color: all black
            Style: Punk Kodona
               Due Date: January 15

~Project 005
      What; Jacket
         Color: Black
            Style: EGA
               Due Date: January 30

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